Frequently asked questions and answers

Phones need to go to Africa to bridge the digital gap and to extend the lifecycle of these devices. This way locals have access to second hand electronics.

But they need to return as local recycling metals are primitive and hazardous for the local people and the environment. 

It is a step closer to a world where resources don’t get lost. We are going to save scrap phones from being dumped. A circular story, whereby all the metals inside the scrap phone are 100% correctly recycled and can be used again for new purposes. 

Together we tackle the worldwide problem of critical metal scarcity by unlocking the urban mining potential inside old phones.

The phones pass through a controlled and safe network. The battery eventually gets separated from the phone itself, for optimal recycling in Belgium. All materials in the phone are melted and 100% recycled so their urban mining potential is fully used. This way the critical metals can be used again without any classic virgin mining needed.

The scrap value of phones is minimal. Only with tonnes of phones, we can make a lasting impact. But more importantly, the phones have numerous benefits for the environment as we unlock a huge urban mining potential. 

Nowp. Our circular service is an ‘add-on’ to your current arrangements. You don’t need to change any existing agreements or contracts.

That is great! You are already one step ahead! Refurbishers do a great job extending the lifecycles of electrical devices.

But, did you think about what they do with the phones after having had 3 owners, when it is truly broken? Did you know that they eventually end up in Africa?

This is where our service completes the story. By returning them and correctly recycling them.

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