"For corporates with a circular mindset"

We help organisations that want to show to their clients, employees and other stakeholders that they value circular economy. Through Recy-Call, you can make your phones material neutral.


The 17 sustainable development goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, defined by the United Nations. They address the global challenges we face and this is how we cover them. 

We indirectly provide an income for local families on short term. Long term we provide education so people can durably have an income.

We ensure safe an secure recycling processing of phones instead of the hazardous local methods.

Local education in Africa is promoted when the phones are collected. Awareness is raised in the local schools.

We aim at a responsible production. We decrease the material consumption by recycling discarded phones.

We actively contribute to climate change as recycling metals from scrap phones is better for the environment than if they come from virgin mining.

We believe we can unlock this opportunity of urban mining only through cooperation with partners. 

"What is material neutral ?"

It is a step closer to a world where resources don’t get lost. For every phone you have, we are going to save a scrap phone from the e-waste dumps. A circular story, whereby all the critical metals inside the scrap phones from Africa will be 100% correctly recycled. and can be used again for new purposes. This way, your company has a positive impact on society.

Do you want to have impact-free phones with your company and tackle the wordwide problem of critical metal scarcity together with us? Show off to your stakeholders and clients and make your phones resource neutral!

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