"SCALING OUR IMPACT by collecting in Africa"

RC collects old and broken phones in Africa. This way we create safe jobs locally and we make sure the phones don’t get dumped and burned. RC ships the waste to certified facilities.

Why let phones go to Africa first?


Instead of throwing a working phone away, we should first focus on using our devices as long as possible. This way we are truly CIRCULAR, by focusing on re-use first.


Most phones end up in Africa through ILLEGAL channels. It is often legally forbidden to sell waste to these emerging countries, yet lot's of containers arrive with 'second hand material'.


NGO's bring second hand devices to give local communities more computers. This stimulates local ENTREPRENEURSHIP and creates numerous opportunities. But they need to return.

How do we solve these problems?

We set up a collection system in Africa


An automated collection system knows when and where phones are being collected.

Social impact

Creating awareness towards a necessary long term change.

Stimulating entrepreneurship

A direct income and opportunities to create value in local community.

About 70% of our phones end up on e-waste belts in emerging countries. 

They are burned and some of the metals are recovered, but in an extremely unsafe and environmentally unfriendly way. 

Every single year, 2 billion new phones are sold on the planet. Only 3% is properly recycled. 

E-waste is the FASTEST growing waste stream in the world. But it forms a huge opportunity, let’s start!

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