Circular at heart!


No unsafe hazardous recycling processes anymore.


Recy-Call stands for open communication.


We value the local sensibilisation.

“Students PTI recycle 362 scrap phones”

“Recy-Call wins Start Academy 2018”

Recy-Call wins idea competition Bizidee”

Recy-Call joins Startit @ KBC”

“Finalist on the Start Haifa Competition 2018”


“Together, for a sustainable world” 

In the Fall of 2017, we were in our final year of our Business Engineering studies at Ghent University in Belgium. We had the opportunity to go to Shanghai for our master dissertation, to discover and research what Europe can learn from China about Circular Economy and vice versa.

Once in China, we were confronted with the unsafe and hazardous recycling sceneries, like Guiyu. This struck us, as we have the facilities and technology in Europe to optimally recycle all this electronic waste. We thought something needed to change.

Furthermore, we saw a lot of beautiful theories on introducing circularity in companies during our research for our dissertation. But a serious lack of concrete business cases for those corporates, unless they make large investments along their supply chain.

And this is where Recy-Call wants to intervene. We  tackle the worldwide problem of critical metal scarcity. We unlock the gigantic urban mining potential. We want to give your company a clear and simple service, that shows your clients, employees and other stakeholders, you value the environment and you want to become circular.

For every corporate phone your employee owns, we are going to recover a scrap phone in emerging economies. This way your telephone becomes resource neutral. These impact-free phones are a clear message to the world, your firm cares about the environment and circularity.

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