'The Ocean Cleanup for E-waste'


Together we tackle the worldwide problem of critical metal scarcity. 

OFFSET your carbon footprint with us.

And let’s bring our waste back!

What we do?

Recy-Call collects phones at the final phase of their lifecycle in emerging countries. We do this in collaboration with corporates who value circular economy. Recy-Call provides a service for those companies, to make their phones ‘material neutral’.

It is similar to CO2 offsetting. We compensate the metals that were used producing a mobile phone, by collecting and recycling a broken phone, and save it from unsafe local recycling processes. 

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Our partners, proudly presented

"A sustainable and scalable concept that truly understands the necessity of our society"
Hans Bourlon
CEO, Studio 100
“Discarded phones and other electronics are world's fastest growing waste problem"
Jakob Rhyner
Vice-Rector, United Nations University
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School collection

Because a video says more than a thousand words. In less than one minute, you can see what we have been up to the last couple of months regarding our awareness raising campaign in schools. 

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